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April 1, 2015  

Welcome to the T1D Exchange podcast. We are committed to innovation in type 1 diabetes research as we work to improve lives of people touched by T1D while facilitating better care and accelerating new therapies on the path to cures. This podcast will feature diabetes event coverage as well as discussions of the latest T1D research, news and editorials from the type 1 community.

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To add your voice to diabetes research, join the Glu community, a program of T1D Exchange at www.myglu.org where your experience of life with diabetes goes directly to informing real-time research along with over 12 thousand other people affected by type1 just like you. 

Episode 001 is live coverage of an educational event held in Boston MA on March 15th, 2015 focused on helping the diabetes community learn more about insulin--how it works and where this treatment is headed in the future.