Diabetespeaks DiabeteSpeaks is an awareness program for Type1 diabetes told through personal experiences. Millions of stories. One community.

October 9, 2015  

Season 1, episode 4,  DiabeteSpeaks is a special project of T1D Exchange and the Glu community--join us and become part of type 1 diabetes research today: visit www.myglu.org. Host Steve Richert talks with Sysy, who shares intensely personal stories about the impact of depression in her first few years after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. She talks about how motherhood helped her in that struggle, and what cultural barriers she's experienced with her family about type 1. "I recognized that the depression was actually holding me back from taking care of my diabetes.  And I started to tackle that. And I made goals, like I’m going to check one time a day, because I’m not checking at all. So once would be an improvement.  And then I changed that to two, four. And nowadays I just I check a lot."   

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