Diabetespeaks DiabeteSpeaks is an awareness program for Type1 diabetes told through personal experiences. Millions of stories. One community.

December 3, 2015  

Season 1, episode 8: DiabeteSpeaks is a special project of T1D Exchange and the Glu community--join us and become part of type 1 diabetes research today: visit www.myglu.org. Steve Richert talks with Rose Ann and her daughter Jessica about the learning curve of diabetes management, and the challenges of being on Medicaid. Also, a preview into the second part of this interview, where Rose Ann talks about learning she has 4 of the 5 autoantibodies and will likely develop T1D herself. “I’m actually usually very reluctant to tell people that I’m on Medicaid. I’m very grateful that it’s there for me. But I get frustrated with what I can’t do within that, and I think there’s a huge misconception about people who qualify for it.”

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