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February 19, 2016  

Season 1, episode 13: DiabeteSpeaks is a special project of T1D Exchange and the Glu community--join us and become part of type 1 diabetes research today: visit www.myglu.org. What’s it like to live with a misdiagnosis for six years? In our final episode of season 1, we talk with Jenn, who was told she had type 2 diabetes, when it was really type 1. She talks about what those 6 years were like, and the mixed emotions that came with the proper diagnosis of type 1, and her wish that the psychosocial aspects of living with diabetes were discussed up front. “I was very careful. I would have crying fits after dinner because I was still so hungry and there was nothing I could do. I was happy if I could get my blood sugars below 200. I probably should’ve switched doctors sooner, but I honestly thought it was me doing something wrong, that I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to do and if I just was better about it, it would be better.” Stay tuned and hit subscribe, because season 2 of DiabeteSpeaks starts in spring 2016!


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