Diabetespeaks DiabeteSpeaks is an awareness program for Type1 diabetes told through personal experiences. Millions of stories. One community.

December 19, 2016  

Season 2, episode 9: DiabeteSpeaks is a special project of T1D Exchange and the Glu community--join us and become part of type 1 diabetes research today: visit www.myglu.org.

Taylor’s an avid athlete who has lived with T1D since 2002. In this episode, she tells us about how her diabetes management was influenced by her lifestyle, and why connecting with other people living with type 1 diabetes is important to her: “You can hear things from your doctor or your parents telling you what to do, but to hear things from people on a peer level who are going through a similar situation, that was more helpful to me and made me feel more comfortable with what I was going through than hearing it from my parents and my doctors.”

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