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February 21, 2017  

Season 2, episode 10: DiabeteSpeaks is a special project of T1D Exchange and the Glu community--join us and become part of type 1 diabetes research today: visit www.myglu.org.

In our final episode of DiabeteSpeaks, we talk with Brittney and Bruno, who dated in high school and reconnected several years later and got married. Diagnosed at the age of 11, Brittney struggled with an eating disorder known as diabulimia, withholding insulin to lose weight. She tells us about the turning point that led to her eventual recovery, and how pregnancy and family life influenced her: “The hardest thing to deal in pregnancy was the fear and guilt that goes through you if your blood sugar spikes, which it really does toward the end of the pregnancy. Working through those emotions and trying not to think about worst-case scenarios, but I had a lot of support from family and my doctors. A lot of feelings from my past resurfaced.”

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